3.1 Network diagram for backups

The first activity that a service provider has to do when starting the deployment of Veeam Cloud Connect is design the overall infrastructure. This is paramount in order to better understand the relationships between the different components of Veeam Cloud Connect, network ports and services, and the way they communicate with each other.

The first step is the creation of the following network diagram. This diagram is specifically about Veeam Cloud Connect Backup. In the next chapter, there will be another diagram dedicated to replication services.

Network Diagram for Veeam Cloud Connect Backup

3.2: Network diagram for Veeam Cloud Connect Backup

The diagram depicts the different Veeam Cloud Connect areas and the communication happening between the different components. Later in the chapter, a similar diagram will depict the detailed layout of the different servers. For additional information about network connections between the different Veeam components, you can refer to the Veeam Backup & Replication User Guide.

NOTE: compared to previous editions of this book, we removed all the references to the Veeam Enterprise Manager component. Instead, we heavily suggest service providers to deploy Veeam Service Provider Console to manage Veeam Cloud Connect and expose a far superior interface to their tenants.

The list of ports used does not change once the services are deployed, but there are two additional ports that are needed for Veeam operations:

  • TCP/6160 This is the Veeam Installer Service, and the Veeam Backup & Replication server in the management zone needs to access it in order to complete different operations.
  • TCP/445 The Microsoft SMB Networking is used to install the Veeam components and their updates. Providers can choose to enable this port only for the time needed to install the components, or to configure the firewall to allow this communication only if originated from the Veeam Backup & Replication service.

The following parts of this chapter will explain the network diagram.