4.3 Target Veeam proxies

Veeam Cloud Connect leverages Veeam replication technology to create replica VMs at the DR site. For this reason, a Veeam Cloud Connect environment offering replica resources to tenants not only needs to have a virtualized environment, but also needs one or more Veeam proxies to be used as targets of the replica process.

Outside of the general rules for Veeam replication best practices and the information in Chapter 2, there are some additional notes in regards to target proxies deployed in Veeam Cloud Connect:

  • Among the possible transport methods, hotadd is probably the best suited for Veeam Cloud Connect. For this reason, one of the best choices to deploy target proxies is to have them as VMs running on top of the service provider’s virtualized environment. A second choice with fast networks (10Gb and more) could be Network mode, using both virtual or physical proxies.
  • The amount of necessary proxies vary based on the amount of concurrent replicas the service provider is going to receive. Please refer to Chapter 2 for concurrency considerations.
  • Regardless of a given target proxy’s processing slots, a service provider should deploy multiple proxies also to guarantee operation continuity should one proxy fail.