5.8 Agents backups

Veeam Agents (both for Windows and Linux) can send their backups into Veeam Cloud Connect.

NOTE: Only paid editions of the Veeam Agents can send their backups to Veeam Cloud Connect.

In order to accept agents’ backups, a should use subtenants; main tenant’s account can also be used, but in this case each user would be able to see the backups of other users; subtenants help to guarantee higher degrees of confidentiality.

Once subtenants are created (for standalone accounts) or configured (for vCloud Director accounts), inside the Agent the user can simply select Cloud Connect as a potential target:

Send agent backup to Cloud Connect

5.37: Send agent backup to Cloud Connect

Subtenant credentials need to be written in the format tenant\subtenant:

Subtenant credentials format

5.38: Subtenant credentials format

The subtenant sees his own dedicated quota as configured by the tenant, and can start immediately to send his backups to Cloud Connect:

Subtenant dedicated quota

5.39: Subtenant dedicated quota

Another interesting option for Agent backups to Cloud Connect is Backup Cache:

Backup cache

5.40: Backup cache

With it, a user can leverage the local disk as a cache to store locally the agent’s backups if Cloud Connect is unreachable. Once the connection is restored, the backup is uploaded to Cloud Connect. A backup successfully stored into Cloud Connect has a Cloud icon in the bottom part of the graph:

Backup synced to Cloud Connect

5.41: Backup synced to Cloud Connect

The service provider can see the agent’s backup being uploaded in Cloud Connect:

Agent backup at the provider site

5.42: Agent backup at the provider site