2.3 Enterprise Manager / Service Provider Console

Veeam Enterprise Manager is the service responsible for exposing to users the web interface of Veeam Backup & Replication, and the endpoint for consuming Veeam RESTful API. In a Veeam Cloud Connect environment, the latter is an important component if the service provider plans to develop and offer to users a custom portal for managing their Veeam Cloud Connect subscriptions. Also, when Replication services are offered, The Failover Portal is a sub-site of the Enterprise Manager.

Veeam Enterprise Manager

2.8: Veeam Enterprise Manager

In previous versions of this guide, we suggested to deploy Enterprise Manager to leverage these capabilities. However, both the portal and the API are limited if compared to the Veeam Service Provider Console. Also known as VSPC, this solution can expose the failover plans to its tenants, the API to develop custom solutions, and many many more features and capabilities. We heavily suggest to use VSPC as the console to manage a Cloud Connect environment.

Note: For the same reason, we have removed the chapter related to the Cloud Portal. Please use VSPC to offer self-service failover plans to tenants.